Street lighting

Whether it is for street lighting (secondary roads, municipality, parks and gardens, bicycle paths, sports center...), for industrial or commercial use (storage areas, parking lots, site facilities, industrial sites), for Ressorts (access and solar markup), for real estate (suburban zones, lots), or for rural or urban electrification in Africa (isolated sites or underserved by the network), Ecleo adapts himself totally to your needs.


Thanks to the quality brought in its design and its manufacturing, Ecleo answers in hardest conditions of use, in term of environment (aggressiveness of the middle of installation), in term of request (till 12 hours lightning per night, five days without any refill), as its quality in term of illumination (20lux at bottom mast)..


ECLEO Lighting Those performances are reached thanks to our capacity to design your custom-made lighting (every project is carefully studied and designed to answer your needs in quality term of lighting, autonomy, architectural), quality of components used, acquired experience since 2007 (date of the first installation), this anywhere your location is in the World..


CS040 CS060 CS080 CSI080 CSI060
Height of lamp 4 meters, LED HP 25watt Height of lamp 6 meters, LED HP 50watt Height of lamp 8 meters, LED HP 60watt Height of lamp 8 meters, solar panel integrated Height of lamp 4 meters, solar panel integrated