Off Grid : Autonomous Electricity

Ecleo Power Solution (EPS) : The Alliance of solar energy and fossil energy with batteries storage.

Autonomous Electricity
Autonomous Electricity

EPS allows to produce autonomous electricity (without interconnected networks), in isolated areas (closer to energy consuming), from several energy sources combined (wind mils, solar, micro hydraulic, genset..) and batteries storage.


No need to change classic AC devices for home or economic activity, our system also able to produce three phases curent. .


EPS can be up graded, due to their modularity, and answered by this way to increase demand of electricity involved by growth of inhabitants or economic development.


EPS cost are less for supplying isolated areas, comparing to grid connected solutions, and provide less maintenance and service costs comparing to a whole genset solution (less 35% to 45%).


Fast implementation : according to power supply, from 2 to 15 month construction.



ECLEO Power Solution Hybrid Solar Plants (solar and genset)
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