Autonomous Renewables

ECLEO - Autonomous Renewables

 In a few years, the Renewable Energy, thanks to the technological progress and its environmental low impact, became major in the strategy of the mix energy to be set up considering the increase of prices of the fossil materials (gas and oil), and it, whether it is for a State, a company or a private individual.

 Thanks to its industrialization, engendering consequent price reductions, it's became accessible and is now a total part of our everyday life.

 Thanks to ECLEO, your everyday life becomes simpler by using every day the Renewable Energy which was produced the Day before; the Renewable energy is stored (batteries, small hydraulic system...), and becomes really autonomous.

  Strong of several years experience in solar market, Ecléo'sTeam brings you the best of the green energies in your daily activities.

 Specialized in autonomous systems (without connection to the Grid), Ecleo provides you daily with efficient and long-lasting solutions, which answer your problems, whether it is for the power supply, the lighting, the video supervision, answers to industrial or logistic problems ..


Our imagination is as our energy : renewable and without limits.

ECLEO Services & Solutions


Street lighting

street lighting

Street lighting

Ecleo adapts himself totally to your needs.
jusqu’à till 12 hours lightning per night, five days without any refill.

Electric Mobility

ECLEO Electric Mobility - E-BIKE

ECLEO Electric Mobility - E-BIKE

Ecleo Mobility
Solution clean and not pollutant for your trip , without any grid connexion, funny and pleasant .

Monitoring Security System

Ecleo Security : Monitoring System

Ecleo Security : Monitoring System

Ecleo Security System
Video monitoring systems and self protection.


ECLEO Activities